Sunday, 22 May 2011


If you a lover of cheese, a visit to the cheese section of DEAN AND DELUCA (Avenues Mall, Phase II) will certainly delight you with their huge variety of cheese. They have the Landana Flavoured Cheeses from Holland - Landana Maturo, Landana with chilli, Landana Mild and Landana with herbs. All of them have their own distinct flavour and are quite nice.

They also have Wensleydale UK cheeses like Mature Cheddar with Jalapeno, double gloucester with onion and chives, cheese with apricot, mature cheddar with sundried tomato and cheese with cranberries. I just love the Wensleydale with apricot and cranberries.

Charming and helpful Mylyn (in the cheese section)  can guide you with all the information you need to know about the different cheeses. Besides, if you want to gift someone special with a healthy 'CHEESE PLATTER', you can choose from a variety of cheese, choose your favourite fresh fruits (they will cut it up very neatly), nuts, salad vegetables and anything else you might want to add and Mylyn will make a beautiful, artistic arrangement in a tray, like the one below. She can do the same with cold cut meats as well. The Cheese Platter in the picture below is a simple one. Ask for their album, where they have a collection of beautiful Cheese Platter arrangement done for different people, so you can get an idea how you would like yours to be. The choice of contents in the cheese platter is entirely up to you. Mylyn ofcourse can help you out. You can take your own beautiful tray or decorative plate with you and ask her to fill in with what you like. Alternately, they can make you  a cheese platter using their  trays. This will make such a healthy and delightful gift.

Cheese platter
They also have several varieties of  the Cabrales cheese from Spain which is made of goat and cows milk. I didn't take a picture of the Cabrales cheese.

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