Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I was watching CNN last night and this segment caught my attention, 'Eye Opening Surgery in South Korea'. Girls as young as 12 to young ladies in their twenties are opting for plastic surgery that will remove their 'epicanthi' which results in bigger, rounder and more western looking eyes with double eyelid.  Seoul is being termed as plastic surgery capital because of the huge amount of young women choosing plastic surgery, not just to alter appearance of their eyes, but nose and face as well. Eyes have become a primary obsession though. Eye jobs have become a favourite highschool graduation gift from parents to their daughters. Its cost about $ 800. They consider it a financial investment for a better life for their children. Plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Hyung Bo says, 'Parents make their kids get plastic surgery, just like they make them study'.

On CNN, a young girl was saying after the eye opening surgery she had, 'I look really awake'.

Person A - Before
Person A - After

Person B - Before

Person B - After

Person C - Before

Person C - After

Person D - Before

Person D - After

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