Sunday, 21 February 2016


Kyrgyzstan cultural event featuring traditional music, opera, dance (Ak-Maral state dance ensemble, Ordo-Sakhna folklore-ethnographic ensemble)  as well as modern music was presented on Tuesday 16 February at Abdulhussein Abdul Reda theater in Salmiyah. We enjoyed the cultural show. It was something quite unlike any cultural event I've been to before. Events like this are important as they give us an opportunity to experience and appreciate varying forms of art, music, dance, culture and heritage of countries across the world.

Before the show began, visitors got to see handicrafts, clothing, shawls, Kyrgyz snacks and bread, wall hangings, posters on places of interest in Kyrgyzstan, toys, pamphlets and brochures on tourism. After the show, we had dinner buffet at the venue.

On separate days, there was Kyrgyz apparel show at Sadu House.  Exhibits of beautiful paintings, arts and crafts was showcased at National Library. Screening of Kyrgyz films were held at Laila Gallery. The various events held from 16 Feb to 18 Feb was dedicated to the tourism industry of Kyrgyzstan.

I cannot conclude my post without sharing a bit about what Kyrgyzstan has to offer for tourists. This beautiful country called Land of Celestial Mountains, has amazing mountain ranges and peaks, national parks and forests, trails for hiking by foot, horseback or bicycle,  breath taking mountain lakes with resorts and guest houses, sailing, extreme sports for adventure enthusiasts, ethnographic tours and visit to sacred places. Three trade routes, an integral part of the famed great Silk Road passed through Kyrgyzstan.  UNESCO has named Chang'an Tianshan Corridor a World Heritage Site. Tourists can visit these historical routes and go back into time, to a different era. If you are looking to travel to a new destination, do consider visiting Kyrgyzstan, experience their hospitality, places of interest, history, music, culture and ethnic food.  

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Here are some photos I took of the cultural show on Tuesday 16 February.

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