Friday, 26 February 2016


It has been a full month of festivities, with the annual Hala  February shopping festival, open outdoor markets, exhibitions, cultural and musical events, entertainment shows for families, and much more, culminating in the celebration of National day on 25th February and Liberation Day on  26th February with parades and airshows.

Today Kuwait celebrates the 25th anniversary of Liberation Day. Yes, it's been 25 years since Kuwait was liberated from the six month Iraqi invasion and occupation. I still remember that day filled with relief and joy as we along with hundreds of others stood cheering as the coalition forces in their vehicles paraded through Gulf road celebrating victory, the end of Gulf war and the liberation of Kuwait via Operation Desert Storm.

Wishing the people of Kuwait a very happy Liberation day.

Ahmadi Lights

Patriotic songs at 360 Mall

National Day and Liberation day theme at Hamra Tower

Farsi Kites in Kuwait flag colors

Guinness world record 2016 longest flag flown by remote control plane

Celebrate with sweets

Falcon - Kuwait's national bird, part of Ahmadi lights

Happy Liberation day

Liberation tower

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