Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Have you been to SOMU yet? The new trendy hip place South Mubarakiya...Well if you haven't, it's a huge contrast to the traditional heritage market of Mubarakiya. Artisanal restaurants and cafes with contemporary design, with indoor as well as open air seating, great food, and walls decorated with artistic graffiti,  a place you must explore. The area isn't huge but very beautiful  indeed. South Mubarakiya reminded  me of my visit  to Yellow Springs in Ohio, a beautiful place with artisanal shops, our son took us to. I am going on a holiday in a few days, but when I return, I must visit SOMU during the day and take more pictures. Here are some hurriedly taken night photos just before my  visit to the recent Mubarakiya Expo.

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