Tuesday, 5 June 2012


 When you think of good looks, does your mind bring you pictures of  beautiful models, movie stars or celebrities? Or people who are naturally endowed with good looks because of their genes or even ethnicity?. What is good looks according to you? Experts believe good looks is important especially in the business world and in your personal life. Now don't let this statement scare you or put you down....because anyone can actually look good. And you know 70% of what we give out to the world is outer expression which is non-verbal, but speaks so much about ourselves. So appearance does matter. If you dress sloppy, or wear clothes that are too creased or too loose or too tight or unclean , worn out or which does not fit you correctly, and your hair isn't clean or too dry, or greasy or full of dandruff - well, it does give out the wrong message. If you don't feel good from within, it shows on the outside as well.  It does not matter which country you are from or what your skin color is or whether your hair is frizzy or straight. You don't have to be 'born good looking', anyone can look good. How? ...Well, let me share some simple open secrets...follow them and then see, how good you are going to feel about yourself and how positively people will see you too.

1. Get a good haircut that suits your face and physique. Ask your hairdresser to give you tips on easy ways to style your hair.
2. Take a shower daily. Wash your hair with good shampoo frequently and style it in a simple, easy manner that looks presentable. Use a deodorant or even an antiperspirant deodorant for the underarm. Nothing worse than a smelly underarm that gives out horrible odors that suffocates others.
3. Take care of your skin with a good cleanser and moisturizer daily, that suits your skin type. Once a week, use a scrub and mask for your face to clear away the dead skin and keep your skin glowing.
4. Eat right - Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid greasy and sugary foods. Junk food spoils your skin. 
5. Exercise. When you sweat, your body rids itself of toxins. 
6. Drink 8 ot 10 glasses of water. Avoid coke, aerated drinks and packeted or bottled juices.
7. Don't dress sloppy, get some good clothes that compliment your skin and height and that is appropriate for your age and even weight.
8. Don't wear smelly, soiled or creased clothes to work. It just gives a terrible message. It's not that hard to wash your clothes, keep them fresh smelling and  iron  your clothes.
9. Don't keep repeating the same outfit for several days. 
10. Ladies can wear a bit of makeup to enhance their looks and bring out their features.
11. Make sure you wear the right footwear which is  neat and comfortable. Keep your footwear clean and don't wear dusty or worn out footwear to work.
12. Take care of your nails. Keep it clean and neat at all times. Your nails say a lot about you.
13. If you are overweight, work on reducing your weight. It shows you care about yourself. And believe me, when you lose weight, you will look fabulous and people will treat you differently.
14. If you suffer from low self esteem or depression, you may not feel encouraged to work on your outer appearance. Do some meditation to calm your nerves, work on your inner problems. Don't let emotional or mental stress prevent you from taking care of yourself. 
15. Keep a cheerful disposition. When you think and behave positive, you begin to glow on the outside and life offers you more than what you expected.
16. When your spouse enters the house, besides the comfort of a home, he or she would love to see a well groomed, clean and neat partner.
17. Don't forget to love yourself and give yourself credit for the wonderful, unique human being you are!

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