Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I can't believe an outdoor person like me, haven't left my home to enjoy the outdoors since the past 10 days, oh except on one day when I had to out of sheer necessity go to Geant to do my grocery shopping after we returned from our trip. But then, there is a reason....a good reason..... Dust storms and skyrocketing day time temperatures! Doesn't that literally keep us under house arrest?. 

People who go to work everyday and poor students who have to travel to school during dusty weather....the construction workers...can't escape the incessant  dance of dust in the air, and this fine dust would find it's way into our lungs, causing all sorts of allergies . Well you can wear a  protective mask, which  then again, many would shy away from. I know....I affects one's appearance and causes a bit of discomfort. But hey, it can help least you won't be breathing in all that dust.  You know the strange part, I see kids playing for hours in my building and have seen people walking and jogging for exercise in the parks on the worst dusty days. Does that mean ignorance is bliss or some people just don't care?.

Yesterday was the first day after a week, that I actually drew my curtains to enjoy the beautiful clear blue sky and enjoyed the sunshine that lit up my rooms. I just don't like to draw the curtains when the weather is dusty and hardly anything is visible and one can't make out the difference between sky and earth because of the dust storm.  It's a bit dusty again today.   On a dust free day,  going out during evenings is always nice as temperatures are tolerable after sunset. Dear Weather, can I look forward to a dust free weekend - a relief from forceful hibernation?

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