Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I took these pictures near Cave of the Winds, Niagara Falls,  New York. On your way to the Cave of the Winds tour of Niagara Falls, you cannot miss the numerous seagulls that have their home a little away from the falls near the rocky area, where the water flows gently. I would advise it's best not to disturb the birds that are nesting close to where people have to tread. They are generally not frightened of humans perhaps because they are so used to seeing them everyday, but they would certainly feel disturbed or uncomfortable if we linger to observe the nesting birds too close. 

Close up of Seagull's egg

Bird on left : Hey, you better keep an eye on your egg

Bird on right : Every time I take a break, a human would appear just to stare at my egg
Bird on left: I think they're only used to chicken eggs and not seagull eggs. They get too curious
Bird on right : Time to put an end to the curiosity

Seagull to Me : Hey you...
Me: Me???
Seagull: Yeah..., you...Are you here to see the Cave of the Winds?
Me: Yes...
Seagull: You are in the wrong place, go further ahead, its right down there. 
This is strictly seagull nesting area. You are not supposed to disturb us.
Me : I wasn't trying to disturb, just taking pictures
Seagull: Oh well...hope you have a good picture of us
Me: I think I do. Thanks

Seagull: Hey little one..don't you worry, Mama's here

Feeble voice from the egg: Where did you go off too, I couldn't feel your warmth. 
Don't leave me like that...I get scared
Seagull: I won't leave you till you hatch, grow up and ready to spread your wings and fly...


Seagull to Me: Look who's behind you..
Me: Who?
Seagull: Security guard
Me: Turning around and see no one except people heading towards the falls
Me: Nice one...
Seagull: Welcome to Niagara Falls!

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