Saturday, 1 October 2011


One of the easiest and tempting thing to while at a supermarket is to pick up whatever your tastebuds like to savour and what reduces your work at home. Snacks, sugary foods, packeted juices, ready to eat foods, ready to fry or fried foods and take aways are loaded with calories. These foods are culprits that give you joy while you eat it, but does nothing really good for your body. So it's important to make sure you eat right, by choosing your food wisely. When your body is happy, it shows in your energy level, in your productivity, in your attitude, in your moods, there is improved clarity in thinking and you would look healthier too.

What are the foods that can help you maintain your health and keep your body happy and glow with good health?  Include green tea in your diet. It nourishes your inner body and helps you relax. Orange, strawberry, raspberry stablizes your metabolism. Orange and tomato are good for healthy skin. Have green veggies - lots if you can. Cut down on the carbohydrate like bread and rice. Your body needs protein, in regulated amounts - have low fat milk, low fat yoghurt, chicken, fish and try to avoid red meats. Reduce the intake of oil and sweets. Have plenty of salads. They do wonders for your health.

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