Sunday, 13 November 2011


Some people laugh at others' expense and some are sadistic enough to laugh at others' misfortunes. A lot of humour can have a sharp edge to it. When a joke is shared and if the other person feels bad, it means he was hurt. Its important to interact with people in a way that protects their self esteem. When jokes are passed or shared, it should be something both parties can laugh at without being hurt which means treating people whoever they may be - spouse, friends, relatives, parents, children, co-workers, the housekeeper, with dignity and respect. Children too should be taught to respect others' feelings and treat others with dignity and not to joke in any hurtful manner.

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shivani said...

Since i've borrowed an image from ur post i thought it better to inform you and then i checked out what you had to say.
Frankly speaking my hotch-potch sounds flimsy now...i mean my post.
Although what i'm trying to say is precisely what you have said straight in crisp words.
Thank you and hope you are not offended for that image of the gesticulating smiley that i borrowed from ur blog.