Friday, 6 January 2012


Variety is the spice of life! And the world is filled with people of different temperaments, personality and view points. Some people are born to make things as difficult as possible, which becomes way too spicy to digest!. And some triumph over the difficult task of dealing with annoying people,  without being emotionally boggled.  Patience and presence of mind...that's so important. Emotional equilibrium is absolutely  vital in handling certain obscure situations crafted by annoying people as their sole purpose in life is to create chaos and rob others off their balance. Cut yourself off emotionally from annoying people and don't let provocative things they say ruin your time or day. Sometimes ignoring or keeping quiet or not responding with an attitude of  'an eye for an eye',  does not mean you are weak, it just means, you are strong and  you don't wish the other person to ruin your peace of mind. If you need to speak your mind, make it short, firm and clear without being affected by any negative response. Let them dwell in their negativity, and you can revel in your positivity. Experience the blissful peace which they don't. 

What kind of people annoy you?

* The know it all
* The argumentative type
* Taxi drivers who overcharge and try to cheat
* Rude sales persons
* Lazy, inefficient workers
* Service personnel who don't know what they are doing
* Those who say yes by default or just to please you for the moment
* Those who can't be honest
* People who think they are super smart and bigger than God
* Those who are full of talk or tall tales because they think they being entertaining.

You can add to this list with your own set of 'annoying people'. 

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