Sunday, 10 June 2012


During a certain loss that leads to extreme sadness or emotional suffering like losing a job, or not getting what you know you truly deserve,  loss of a loved one, ending of a relationship, suffering due to illness, it could be anything hurtful in your life that makes you feel you are inconsolable, and all doors have closed upon you, it actually would seem like the end of your world. Extreme sadness is a natural human emotion, every one of us go through at some point or some stages in life, except each person's experience differs, but human emotions and reactions remain so much the same. 

At this juncture, there is no other way of  getting over it, except  by going through it.  No matter how impossible it appears, you will  find the strength to go through this dark tunnel of sadness and reach the other side. Don't isolate yourself at this time; this is when, although no one can remove your sadness, you still need an emotional support system like family and friends . So,  don't reject those who truly love you. Your pain or sorrow goes out into the universe like a prayer and will be answered in time. In case of a loss that cannot be replaced, time will help you heal as we are biologically made up to adjust and accept things through time, which we cannot bring back or change. In terms of loss of job, you might discover in the depths of contemplation and pain, that you might want to explore other avenues that uses your skills and talents that can generate income. When you work with faith in your heart, doors begin to open.  Your desire and wishes are not in vain; the human mind is capable of attracting what is wants from the universe although it may take time and surprisingly puts you amidst people, circumstances and situations that help you shape your new life or destiny. Divorce or separation is a painful experience. If you feel you have tried your best and nothing works out to salvage or improve the relationship, then it's time to part than to suffer together. Not all marriages or friendships are meant to last forever. People change and along with it, aspirations, dreams and attitude also changes. Letting go a toxic relationship brings a closure to something that is not required in your life any longer. When you feel lost at his point, realize, you are seeking out a new path and there will be signs and you will be able to follow them, giving birth to a new you with a promise of a better future.

During extreme sadness, we may feel angry and disappointed towards life and oneself. Suddenly you feel alone and weary, while everyone else seems to be happy and content in life and you would think that no one understands your situation.  Several questions would ceaselessly haunt you, 'Why me? Why now? What did I do to deserve this? How can they do this to me?, this should not have happened to me'. Certain questions may or may not have rational answers you are looking for. Don't compare yourself with others, because you don't know the battles others are fighting in their lives or the challenges they face; for what you see about everyone is just from the surface or from the outside. In the depth of  your despair,  it's important to believe that you will recover from your loss, or suffering, sadness or sorrow. Because that is exactly what time and your inner healing will do for you. And look for the lessons you need to learn from this pain. They will make you stronger and understand the unwritten laws of life. The cycle of life does not stop here, it has to move into future, bringing  you feelings of joy, companionship, happiness, success and fulfillment. The present submerges into the past and the future becomes the present you never thought you'd have the courage to face and you will experience blessings you never imagined.

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