Tuesday, 29 January 2013


It's after about a year, we visited the Zoo on Saturday and we had a great time. If you love animals or if you have children and you want to spent a nice day out, I'd recommend a visit to the Zoo and you are sure to have a great time. 

Last year we weren't able to see the tigers, leopard or lions. They were probably hiding in their inner enclosures. This time, I was happy we were able to see them at close quarters. The animals look quite healthy. An interesting thing was a zookeeper was massaging the leopard and the leopard seemed to a relaxing time, no growling, no snarling, just lying there enjoying being petted. I was surprised -  really!. When another zookeeper tried to bring  his hand close to the cage of the tiger, he growled his mightiest, displaying his huge canines, shocking the little children. No, not a friendly Bengal tiger but he looked so beautiful and majestic. Reminded me of 'Richard Parker', the bengal tiger in the movie, 'Life of Pi'. The Bengal tiger at the zoo, had a partner as well.  The lion and lionesses were quiet and resting. At times,  they moved about rather lazily. Perhaps they had a filling meal. 

The other animals we saw were snakes, a variety of birds, swans, ducks, monkeys, chimpanzees, giraffe, deers of different kinds, mountain goat, bear, hippopotamus, African elephants, emu, ostrich, zebra, alligator, flamingos. Did I miss any animal...?

Although there were signs all over saying 'not to feed animals', lots of children were feeding the giraffes, goats and deers pita bread and popcorn and cheese puffs. And the animals seemed to enjoy and kept eating. I don't think that's what they should be eating, but then, the poor animals don't know that. Adults should respect the rules at the zoo and should not bring in food to feed the animals and explain to their children the reason and I am sure they would understand and comply. 

Here are some photos I took

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