Saturday, 19 January 2013


I was reading about this amazing weight loss journey of Sarah Jackson from Coventry, West Midlands on Daily Mail. Her  video of weight loss which you can click to watch below, has become a you tube sensation and a huge motivation for those who want to lose weight. Read her success story here at Daily Mail . Sarah Jackson was a size 24 before and she is a size 10 now and aspires to lose more weight. Before she lost weight, she used to spend 4000 pounds a year on junk food and she ate food that would be normally eaten by 4 or 5 persons! The meetings she attended at Weight Watchers and the group support she received along with a healthy life style helped her lose all the excess weight.  She has now become a Weight Watcher's Leader after successfully shedding all the extra weight. 

It just got me thinking. I was telling my husband, when an obese person looks at a regular thin person, she or he hardly finds any motivation to lose weight. One would go, 'she/he is lucky to be thin, I will never be able to become that thin'.  But if an overweight or obese person were to read or look a videos of actual success stories of people who were once like them, who went through the same food addictions, struggles, disappointments and somehow found the encouragement and a great will to lose weight, now that's a huge motivation to lose weight. A weight loss aspirant can actually identify with the person who was in their situation and follow guidelines and tips that worked for them and incorporate all the practical advises and experience the joy of weight loss. All this proves 'yes, it is definitely possible to lose weight'. Anyone can!

Sarah Jackson Weight loss - Before and After photos 

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