Friday, 10 May 2013


Have you wondered sometimes how our body is an amazing machine. And we often take our bodies for granted. It's when we get a small headache or fever, we realize how uncomfortable we are and we yearn to get back to being healthy. It's important to eat healthy, exercise, and ensure you are free of lifestyle diseases and get treated even from simplest to bigger health issues and not ignore any signs of illness. 

Last Thursday I visited a GP at KOC hospital in Ahmadi for a small issue that really didn't need any medication, except the doctor gave me a few tips that would help. She asked me to do blood tests which I did and I came home. In an hour's time after reaching home, the doctor gives me a call, she sounded really concerned..... she said my hemoglobin count is very low. She fixed an appointment for me to see an expert on Monday. Little did I know what lay ahead. I went to consult the doctor on Monday and they did elaborate tests and  I had to be admitted in the hospital for blood transfusion for 3 days. I was discharged on Wednesday evening after ensuring my hemoglobin count has increased to an acceptable level.  

When you are termed as anemic, your hemoglobin is low, which means you have lack of red blood cells in your body. The red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to all parts of your body including your brain. If you lack in red blood cells, your body is not getting the required oxygen supply and it can affect the functioning of all your organs and mechanisms. Causes of anemia can be due to lack of iron in diet, lack of folic acid, heavy loss of blood during menstruation. Blood tests can determine what exactly is the cause. Anemia would include one or more of these symptoms - tiredness, pale skin, pallor, palpitation, chest pain, headache, dizziness.  When hb count is very low, depending on your individual condition, the treatment would be iron IV therapy or blood transfusion, iron supplements and diet rich in iron. Normal Hb level is 11 to 16 gms/dl for women and 14-18 gms/dl for men.  I had to attend a short seminar on 'Anemia' while I was admitted. One important thing we were told was that we should ensure a diet rich in vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12 for iron absorption.

It's so important to take care of one's health. There is a lot we can do from our end to stay away from diseases.  You know the feeling when you are energetic and healthy and when you aren't. Your body always tries to talk to you, it gives you signs. It's in our best interests we don't ignore those signs. 

Some pictures I took while I was admitted in the hospital.

Outside the window at night from my room at the hospital

Another view from the window from the hospital room

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