Thursday, 25 July 2013


Patience is not an ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting - Joyce Meyer

When we wait for things to change or wait for something good to happen, we are told to be patient. Sometimes the indefinite wait and not knowing what is in store or inability to predict an outcome when things are not in our hands can be stressing to the point of inflicting fear, worry and even bit of chaos. There is no 'one' answer to everyone's worries. How one person approaches a problem and tries to resolve it may or may not work for another person.  Each of us  have our personal guidance system inbuilt in us. We all have our own path to choose and our own decisions to make. When we stop the chatter in our minds, we become calm which allows our intuition, inner guidance and signs prepare us for making decisions.

The more we charge our intent with a positive attitude, our vibrations attract into our life, what is most suited for us. It's important to have more than one plan, so if plan A does not work, there is an alternative that we could resort to, plan B or a plan C. And remember, there is always an invisible power that guides you navigate through storms of life and reach you to your goal. Sometimes the universe surprises you with it's own plan that would wash away all your fears and worries, bringing you contentment, which surpasses all other plans. 

While you wait for things to work out, it's not only important to be patient but also keep a good attitude. 

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