Friday, 5 July 2013


At the Messilah Equestrian Club (show jumping competition April 2013)

Both these birds were captured at Lake Orion, Michigan 
We were having breakfast and this lovely bird comes and sits right outside the window looking through the glass. It was drizzling, you can see the water drops on the window.

The little boy is fascinated by his toy, hardly notices the peacock watching him (at Detroit Zoo)

While at Niagara falls (Buffalo, New York), I had this amazing experience, when a friendly squirrel just came up to me  (for food I guess)

A beautiful experience at the butterfly pavilion , Detroit Zoo. This lovely butterfly sat right near my shoulder and stayed there for a little less than 10 minutes! (A lady came up to me and said the butterfly would have thought the flowers on my blouse to be real!)

At the Farm Animals, Detroit Zoo, Michigan
How often do we really pay attention to the beautiful birds around us, they might be as plain and simple as sparrow or colorful and exotic like some other birds. Depending on where you live, there would be birds that come close to your surrounding, make sounds, sit on your window sill or balcony or have built their nests and homes in your garden on trees or bushes. 

Paying attention to their presence, their sounds, their movement and flight can be very soothing to the the mind. The native Americans believe that animal spirits communicate and bring messages and signs. We are all a part of a grand design co-existing with thousands of species of animals, birds and insects around us. The universe communicates with us through various ways. Those who have pets like dogs or cats, or people who live on the farm and they have farm animals like cows, horses, goats, sheep, so on, would have had plenty of experiences, where the animals have communicated to them giving them signs and messages, beside their presence bringing their owners joy. Animals, birds and even insect symbolism is held with great respect by the Native Americans and many other cultures around the world, that even dates back to old civilizations. 

My favorites are  horses, birds, squirrels and butterflies. While I was vacationing in Michigan during May and June at my son's place, I had this amazing opportunity to watch many different kinds of birds that came into the garden outside his balcony. Their sounds were so musical. Another beautiful experience I had was when we visited two different butterfly pavilions one in Cincinnati and another one at Detroit Zoo. Butterflies with their bright colors are a delight to watch. And if a butterfly would perch on you, it will not leave you without having made you feel a sense of joy. 

Are there certain animals or birds that make you feel peaceful, happy and balanced? Have you had an experience where an animal or bird or insect  has brought you signs and messages ? 

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