Monday, 16 December 2013


It was fun at the annual Christmas Tree Lighting event at Movenpick on Saturday 14 December 2O13. We reached there around 4.45pm. There were lot of families with children. Cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Barney and Dora posed with children in front of the tall 14 m tall beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Food stalls sold tea, coffee, shawarmas, fish and chips, hot dog, burgers and fries. They had delectable cookies. The face painting stall had a big queue of little children who wanted their face painted. Lots of children were having fun at the bouncy castle, while next to it was a water pool  with two plastic inflatable bubbles in which kids climbed into and the bubbles floated about in the pool. There was an interesting exhibit of cars from the 7O's and 8O's. 

At 5.3Opm, Santa turned up on the roof waving at everyone. Then the lights came on the Christmas tree which looked quite magical at that moment. Santa came in a car fitted with balloons and with escorts that led him up the stairs to his seat. I noticed how excited children were, upon seeing Santa. The choir group sang beautiful songs that added to the festive occasion. Now as I write this post, I wish I would have stood in front of the choir for a longer time, and enjoyed the songs. They were just so lovely. My attention was so divided at everything that was happening around, and busy capturing all that on my camera. 

Children gathered near Santa for their photos to be taken. And that's not all, children got gifts too. Last year, we had missed the Christmas tree lighting event. We had spent a wonderful Christmas with our daughter in UK last year. Anyway, I felt quite happy to have been a part of this event this time. 

Thank you Movenpick for arranging this beautiful Christmas Tree Lighting event. 

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