Monday, 9 December 2013


After the Holiday Bazaar, I headed to Marina Mall. It was close to 7pm and I knew Spiderman was supposed to there to meet and take photos with the children. When I reached the atrium, I saw the stage set up by OSN and a small crowd gathered and I knew, I didn't miss Spiderman. The children excitedly started the countdown from 1O to 1 and when everyone was focusing on the stage for Spiderman to appear, he made his way through the crowd and hopped on to the stage. By then, there was a big crowd gathering. Kids stood in a queue and went up stage to take photos with Spiderman. They were given spiderman souvenirs when they collected their photos from OSN stall. Now here are some photos if you missed Spiderman in Marina Mall. This was on Friday 6 December.

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