Sunday, 13 April 2014


I enjoyed the beautiful 7 Market held at KIPCO Towers on Saturday, at the roof top car park. We went there around noon. Weather was so pleasant that it didn't feel like April. The market was set up in a very spacious car parking in level 4. I loved the flower arrangements and the flower stalls. There were stalls selling food, beverages, clothes and jewelry. I passed by a karak tea stall, that advertised tea with non dairy. Apparently they were using coconut milk instead dairy. I tried a sample and I couldn't tell the difference. It was good. Personally I would prefer dairy milk in my tea and coconut milk in my vegetable or meat dishes. A play area kept children busy. We had this amazing grape juice with cut pieces of citrus fruits in it from a Spanish stall. We passed by Mama's Kitchen and picked up duck with oyster sauce roll and chicken and mushroom roll with yoghurt-mint sauce. Both tasted good. Stopping at every flower stall was a zen like experience. If the weather permits for 7 Market to be held again, and you come to know of it, you should not miss it. Try to go in the afternoon so all the stalls would be open by then and you could buy your lunch there. Beautiful seating arrangements have been made for people to relax and have  food / drink.. I also noticed there was a band stand and I suppose the musicians  or DJ would play in the evening. 

Now for the photos I took at the 7 Market event. 

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