Monday, 7 April 2014


Two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I was at the Grand Avenues. The first thing I wanted to do was have breakfast. It was nearly 11 am and I hadn't eaten anything from home as I had left in a hurry. So the question was what to eat. I walked towards the Souk district and chose Emirgan Sütiş. There were many times I passed by Emirgan Sutis during weekends and the restaurant used to be full. This meant the food is definitely great. Since I was there on a week day, there wasn't  much rush. The staff was welcoming and friendly and I chose to sit outside so I can get a good view of everything around me. I ordered for eggs. Now it's been two weeks, so I forgot the name of the dish. But you will see it in their breakfast section of the menu when you visit them. The eggs arrived pretty soon along with a basket of assorted bread. I can't eat  much in the morning, so I had the eggs which I enjoyed but didn't try the assorted bread. They even brought to the table freshly baked hot pita bread and the smell was amazing. I did try a small piece of the pita bread and if you like bread you should have it as soon as it arrives at the table or it can get a bit dry.  After relishing a simple breakfast of eggs, I ordered for turkish coffee. And that was really good. Enjoyed every sip. They have a wonderful menu for lunch and dinner.  I am definitely going there for lunch next time. If you love Turkish food like me, do visit Emirgan Sütiş. I recommend that you visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner. There is a variety of wonderful Turkish cuisine to choose from. You will find the restaurant busy during the weekends. It's worth it even if you have to wait a bit for a table. Try going on a week day when it's not all too busy. Emirgan Sutis is located in the Souk district at Grand Avenues. 

Now for some photos I took.

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