Monday, 11 January 2016


Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my blog.

When my favorite aunt wished me Happy New year, I told her thank you, good riddens  to 2015 and we laughed. Concealed in my laughter was a sense of relief. After the call, I actually thought of what I said and it reminded me of something I read. Don't say the first thing that comes into your head. Say the second or third thing that comes to you which actually would be the right thing. Those of you who read my October posts would know why I wasn't blogging for nearly a year. 2015 will forever be a year to remember for both rough seas and the joyous times. 2015 started off with celebrating new year and exploring amazing Sydney, Australia, and a fabulous trip to Malaysia and Singapore. This was my birthday gift from my husband.

A stark or should I say dark detour  in events to follow was a fall that dislocated the ulnar bone in my right wrist, wrong diagnosis, failed surgery and months of seemingly endless agonising pain. My shoulder, arm and fingers had turned stiff being in a cast for overly prolonged periods of time. It freaked me out that I couldn't use my right hand. I was out of commision for a good nine months. It took a while to train myself to use my left hand instead. With clumsy yet persistent attempts I got better at it. Incessant help from my husband helped me pull through those trying months. He was my savior.

It was a snail paced slow progress. Each day that seemed like a 100 hours. However as slow as it was, today when I think back, I am thankful for all the progress, grateful for the love, prayers and emotional support from some of my absolutely loving friends, my children and  two wonderful young physiotherapists who helped me with restoring  mobility in my arm and hand.  I stayed with my ever loving  aunt and uncle during post surgery. My aunt who took such care of me. She would call me almost daily to check on my progress when I got home. There was this one friend who prayed for me everyday, checked on me everyday, she felt my pain and cried along with me. She was a pillar of support I leaned on. It was so touching.I am thankful to each and everyone who was there for me, be it daily or even once during this crisis. And  for their inspiring words when I was at my lowest.  Sometimes people come into our lives as angels. And I am surrounded by few wonderful angelic people. And we wonder how could we have managed without them. 

The most beautiful and joyous part during recovery was I traveled to UK in October for our daughter's engagement and to U.S. to meet our son. It was indeed a celebration of life being with them.  When I spent time with my beautiful children, I was so happy, I felt myself healing even more. That's what love does. I began to type, take photographs, chop soft vegetables and hold light objects. In the past two weeks,  I sketched two pictures sent to me by a dear friend. A few days back, I even sculpted a small figure with clay. All this with my right hand.   Difficult chores are entrusted to my left hand.

So should I complain about 2015?. No I shouldn't. 2015 felt like the slowest paced year of my life teaching me what is truly important. You see, the good and the bad take turns, they come and go. Some of the bad has hidden lessons that teaches us what we need to know for our soul growth and our personal life journey. At times, it leads us to discover indomitable strength we didn't know we had. Sometimes it shows us through a filtered lens what we need to see perhaps about our own selves or even others. Certain lessons come in guise of adversities forcing us to cast off or let go what does not serve us any good,  what we needlessly cling to. No words can console those who lost their precious ones. It's only time alone that can heal the pain of loss. Every good that follows gently wipe away the residues of upleasant experiences, bringing us blessings and reasons to celebrate life,  ever subtely reminding us to trust the process. To choose to be a victor and not a victim.

Have you noticed, the most spectacular photographs of the stars are captured in the night when its totally dark devoid of city lights.  Something good is working in your favor when you feel trapped in the dark. Every rainbow is breathtaking after the rain. Like changing seasons, or the tides, nothing is ever constant, not even the bad. Change is the only thing that's constant.  I learnt never ever give up hope and faith.  The moment you do, you cease to live. Faith and hope are the most important and endearing twin components in the belief system  manifesting the extraorindary in life.

So what lies in store in 2016? Life is a mystery constantly unfolding to reveal a new day to create, to explore, to work, to contribute, to help, to love, to, to forgive, to have compassion, to make empowering choices, to pursue your passion, to embrace life with it's challenges and joys.

Here's wishing you a fabulous 2016

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