Wednesday, 17 February 2016


'Our Flag Unites Us' show held at Mina Abdulla, street 230 on a windy yet lovely afternoon of 12 February, was a special event. The air show had a fantastic display of aerobatics by  remote control planes emphasizing their flying skills to a delightful audience.  It was a well organized public event. A huge number of families had turned up for the event. Plenty of seating arrangement was made for visitors facing the runway in a long stretch.  It was quite nice to see the remote control planes take off into the sky; the jet engines with their trail of smoke during aerobatics causing quite a visual treat. Remote control helicopters appeared like little dragonflies during aerobatic feats high up in the air. Visitors were served gahwa, black tea, chocolates and water during the show. Few food stalls were selling  snacks, juices and eatables.

The finale was the best part of the show where the longest flag in world - the Kuwait flag was pulled by a big  remote control plane that took off from the ground and into the sky in the presence of Guinness Wold Record committee. The long flag made pretty shapes, twirling and dancing in the wind along with the flight path of the plane. It was beautiful to watch. And yes of course, the Kuwait flag made a Guinness World Record as being the longest flag in the world.

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