Sunday, 6 November 2016


Were you able to attend the fireworks, light and music show at the newly inaugurated Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center last Saturday on 5th November? It was spectacular!. A sea of crowd was spread at the beach front and walkways along the Gulf Road across JACC to witness the celebratory visual treat. We parked a little away from Sheraton Hotel, near a bridge and walked towards the venue. The road opposite JACC on the Gulf Road was closed for the event. 

The show started off promptly at 7.30 pm with breathtaking music, light show super imposed on the magnificent looking theatrical buildings of JACC, followed by intermittent variety of firework display. We enjoyed every moment. I had to force myself to stop clicking away endlessly so I could enjoy the show rather than only through the lens of my camera. Of course I did take lots of pictures since the show was for 45 minutes. 

I am quite excited to share the photos with you. Enjoy!

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