Sunday, 16 October 2011


It's been so many years since I visited Muthanna Complex...maybe 7 years or so. I dropped into Muthanna Complex, the other day, and the the entire complex has suprisingly a whole lot of shops selling different kinds of footwear of various brands in all the floors, not to mention how very different Muthanna Complex interiors and shops look, from my memories of it.  For someone who is interested in buying shoes or sandals, a visit to Muthanna Complex can offer you something of your choice. Sadly, the Kuwait Bookshop was closed as I reached past their working hours.

Coming back to footwear, well, what interested me was this very light weight flip flop from Lizard Footwear being in sold in a small shop (sorry note the name); its a little shop that sells sports shoes, sports wear from known brands like Nike, Puma etc...which you won't miss. This light weight flip flop is a very thin, thong style, original and witty in its shape.  This model is called 'Beach' and weighs almost nothing! It would almost occupy zero space in your smallest bag or your luggage. Here's a picture of the Lizard - Beach flip flop.  I am not sure if it comes other colours.

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