Sunday, 16 October 2011


It made me realize that to accomplish or achieve something important like weight loss, we have to give up certain habits or patterns of eating and thinking and adapt to new ways of healthy eating and make healthy choices for a bigger and better cause - your health!. Instead of 'let me have this piece of cake today, I'll diet tomorrow or let me watch this favourite show - I can't miss it, I'll exercise tomorrow',  will never help you lose weight. 

How do we do that - this thing called sacrifice? - It can happen only and if only we realize a few important facts.
* My body is not a trash can - I dont have to eat all the left overs
* There is so  much of food around - it does not mean I should eat unlimited amounts of food
* I don't have to eat my way to illness
* I care for my health, I care for by body. I am going to reduce my weight or else I could fall sick.
* I will be fuelled with energy and good health if I eat right and exercise
* I should take care of my health now and not wait for a doctor to tell me I am sick and I should reduce my weight and avoid a whole lot of foods.
* I will look better, feel better and enjoy life to the fullest if I am my ideal weight or somewhere close to it.
* Losing weight is not impossible, only thinking and old habits make it seem impossible.
* I don't have to fight temptation ....instead I just have to make a choice of not giving in to that cookie or icecream or extra slice of pizza.
* I have the power to say No to high calorie sugary or fat laden foods.
* I am not a weakling when I walk past food courts...I don't to have to 'eat' or 'drink' each time I go out. If I feel hungry while I am out, I can find the strength to make a wise choice of eating healthy. If I am thirsty, I can have water or unsweetened fresh fruit juice instead of coke or shakes.  

Bonus: You can treat yourself in the weekend to whatever you like but in moderation, keeping a track of  the calories you consume....and no hogging.

When you eat healthy, when we make healthy choices and eat natural food, you  are not depriving yourself at all. It's not some kind of a punishment for having put on all that weight; it's just means we are conciously taking better care of our health and don't want to get sick due to being overweight or obese. Your body needs helps improve your metabolism and helps you lose weight and energizes you.

Eat natural foods, exercise and enjoy good health.

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