Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Blue is a pleasing and comforting colour and there is so much of blue around us....blue sky, blue seas and oceans,  we wear blue coloured clothes and jewellery, we don't mind blue furniture or blue paint on the walls...hmmm, has it occured to you that there are no 'blue' food that occurs naturally, except for indigo milky mushroom while has a nice blue hue. Blueberries are deep purple. Its uncommon for one to prepare blue coloured food or be served blue coloured food in restaurants. Well, ofcourse  there are  blue Smarties,  blue coloured cakes, blue M&M, blue macaroons, blue coloured icecreams and drinks.  However, subconciously, we have an aversion towards blue colour when it comes to food. Imagine if chicken, rice, egg,  bread, yoghurt, pasta, potatoes or  fish was dyed with blue food colour and served to you. What would your reaction be? Would you find it appeasing? If you were served regular french fries or blue french fries, which would you eat more?

Research proves that eating from a blue plate will make you eat less compared to eating from a white plate or any other colour plate! The blue plate can suppress your appetite by 20% and even turn off your hunger. The mind does not create an association between blue and the desire to eat. Do you want to try it out? Go head, get yourself a blue plate if want to lose weight ....but a small blue plate and eat in moderation. 

Or better yet,  how about if  we add a bit of blue food colour to all our food for a month and eat if off a small blue plate? Now that is a sure way to lose weight.  Just kidding! ..food colours are not good for our health. Try to have natural food, less sugar, minimum fat, avoid fried foods and fast foods. Have plenty of fruits and salads, steamed and grilled foods like chicken and fish, reasonable amount of carbohydrates in the form of brown rice and brown bread and sufficient proteins - in a small blue plate!

Does the blue coloured food look appetizing? Not to me...I'd say no to them and rather have them in their natural colours. We eat more than what our bodies need because of how food looks… when it looks inviting, when it looks appetizing and we tend to eat more, and put on all that unnecessary weight.

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