Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Honda Robotics has unveiled the new self-balancing, walking bipedal robot  ASIMO, which is  the latest in a long line of Honda robots, that began in 1986 with one named EO. It has several new features  such as the ability to act autonomously compared to its predecessors.

ASIMO is able to:
* become "aware" of its surroundings, including the actions of people nearby, and alter its behavior accordingly -
* it can even predict the path that a person will take when walking, and change its own path to avoid a collision.
* combine input from its visual and auditory sensors and it can match people's faces to their voices, and can identify individual voices when several people are speaking at once.
* has a wider range of leg movement, along with the ability to suddenly extend a leg to one side, to keep from falling over. This allows it to walk on uneven ground, along with being able to run forward and backward, and hop on one leg or two legs continuously and even kick a ball with its leg.
* perform tasks such as grabbing a glass bottle and removing its twist-cap, or holding a paper cup and pouring liquid into it. Because the fingers operate independently, it can also communicate using sign language.

To view amazing Asimo in action,  click HERE to view the video. You'd be surprised!

Opening a bottle to pour out water

Sign language in Japanese meaning family

kicking ball

walking on rough surface

Distinguishing voices when several people are talking

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