Tuesday, 6 December 2011


After a hard day's work or dealing with a hoard of things, including difficult situations and difficult people..so on, you could end up feeling dull and low and as if every bit of your energy is drained. Problems to solve or issues to deal with is something we all face time to time, but don't let that ever get to you or make you depressed. Understand there are certain things, you just can't do anything about and there are things that will be solved in time. Sometimes the solution comes to you like magic. At times you have to gather courage to take a bold decision. Happiness and wellness is experienced based on how we choose to deal with the daily events and people in our life.

So how do we replenish ourselves or restore the drained energy?. It's important to dedicate some time to yourself to do things you enjoy, especially creative things or fun things. Emotional wellness leads to physical wellness too. When you do things that brings you joy, or comfort or fills you up with happiness, you are filling yourself with renewed energy.  Amidst all that you have do, it's important to give yourself 'me time', so that you are never devoid of energy.

* Spending time with a good friend(s)
* Watching a nice movie
* Taking a nature walk
* Gardening
* Visiting a friend you haven't seen in a while
* Shopping (it could be even window shopping)
* Visiting an exhibition
* Attending a musical event
* Swimming
* Reading a good book
* Writing
* Cycling
* Listening to your favourite music
* Painting
* Watching or playing sport
* Trying out a new recipe
* Engaging in your favourite hobby
* Meditation
* Even catching up on sleep

Replenshing your energy does not include overindulgence in food for comfort or doing anything  for momentary gratification that you would regret later.

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