Sunday, 29 January 2012


I have blogged about oranges and their health benefits in an earlier post. It's an amazing fruit; well actually that's why it's my favourite fruit (besides mango). It aids in weight loss as well. Have two oranges a day, or a glass of orange juice. Infact one orange can give you all the vitamin C you require for a day. Its full of wonderful vitamins and minerals. It contains fibre, folate, thiamin (Vitamin B1), potassium, Vitamin A and calcium. They have anti inflammatory properties and they also can lower blood pressure and cholestrol. Oranges contain iron and Vitamin B6, essential for the producing red cells in the blood, which carry oxygen from lungs to our cells. An orange of 135 gms would have 60 to 65 calories. They have anti ageing properties and protect our skin. They boost immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells. It helps in preventing heart disease.

These pictures are taken at Dean and Deluca. They have a lovely  'fruits' section.

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