Wednesday, 1 February 2012


According to National University of Ireland, seaweeds are marine algae, saltwater dwelling, simple organisms that fall into the rather outdated general category of "plants". Consuming natural seaweed snack is one of the popular trends in the West Coast Lunch Rooms in U.S.A. Roasted seaweed snack known for its health benefits,  is an important part of the Korean diet. Adults and children would enjoy having them like chips and it supposedly has zero bad stuff in it.  

Roasted seaweed snack presented at the Fancy Food Show, San Francisco, U.S.A. 

Let's examine the health benefits of seaweed.

* Milk shakes,  smoothies, soups and salads made with organic seaweed, seaweed jelly,  natural dried seaweed, fresh seaweed or seaweed extracts suppresses hunger pangs, manage compulsive eating habits,  making you eat less and help you to lose weight. 

* Seaweed contains  minerals such as iron, vitamins such as vitamin B12, amino acids and botanical extracts providing a host of enzymes, macro and micro phytonutrients.

boosts the immune system

* decreases blood sugar and cholesterol

* increases gastro-intestinal tract function

* decreases the symptoms of arthritis joint pains. 

* it is a detoxifier and healing agent

* It's believed that seaweed nutrition contributes towards a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients and trace elements which is not found in other foods.

Seaweed salad
Seaweed extract and seaweed pills contain all the nutritional vitamins and trace elements of fresh seaweed. It's important to make sure to purchase your seaweed extract and seaweed pills of reputable brand or company that certifies that the seaweed products are pure.
In China, Korea and Japan a process called aquaculture is used for seaweed cultivation.  Arame, Wakame and Nori are the most well known seaweeds used in cooking. 

Seaweed cultivation farm

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