Friday, 6 April 2012


I had blogged about the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2012. The month of April is dedicated to Autism. Recently a friend of mine who is very dedicated and spent most of her life teaching autistic students got an award for her outstanding contributions. I was quite touched as it takes great courage, patience, understanding and a lot of love to be able to teach and help improve the lives of autistic children.

Autism disorders are marked by impaired social interaction, communication problems and repetitive behaviors. The parents of autistic children for ever live in hope to see improvement. There is a whole lot being done today to understand autism - medical research, special needs education, training and mentoring aimed at helping people afflicted with autism to lead productive lives.

There is a beautiful HBO documentary 'A Mother's Courage : Talking Back to Autism', directed by Fridrik Thor in 2009, that revolves around an Icelandic woman's journey of hope as she meets scientists and autism experts in the United States and Europe, in a relentless effort to do everything in her power to understand and improve the life of her 10 year-old autistic son. The narration is by Kate Winslet. The month of April being dedicated to Autism, I wish, movies and documentaries on Autism would be screened for a few days to a week,  to spread awareness among people. 

Kelie and Margaret

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