Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 Macy's, Oakland Mall, Michigan

I returned from my US-UK trip last Saturday on May 26 and I have been sort of hibernating, which usually happens after an enjoyable trip. It takes a few days for me to adjust and return to my routine. My husband has been wondering, 'what about blogging?', 'How come my wife has not blogged after returning from our trip?'. I think it's got to do with my hibernation and I was so sleepy last few days, catching up on all the sleep I missed during my trip.  I had the most amazing trip, besides visiting places, the most beautiful part of the trip was meeting my son in Michigan, U.S. and my daughter in Birmingham, UK. Besides, I also met my cousin and family in Virginia after a gap of 14 years! I also had the beautiful opportunity to meet my old classmate from school days and we met after 32 years and she is the same kind and sweet person I remember back in school. She took us to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace which was absolutely magical. Oh I have so much to share.... which I shall put up in my upcoming posts about the beautiful places we visited. This trip wouldn't have been possible without my husband whose untold efforts and continuous enthusiasm and support throughout this journey is much appreciated. What would I do without my better half? 

Shopping in the U.S. is less expensive than in the UK and Kuwait. I enjoyed the Macy's and J.C. Penny. They had a fabulous collection of clothes and if you are a shopping enthusiast, you could spend hours not knowing time fly.  Despite the higher prices and tax, shopping is amazing in the UK. 90% of the clothing lines you see in Kuwait are based in UK, with definitely far much more exciting variety to choose from retailers such as Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Next, Oasis, Wallis,  Miss Selfridge, Zara, John Lewis, that can drive you nuts when it comes to choices because, the choices are incredible and in plenty.

Apart from visiting wonderful places, sightseeing and nature walks, this trip also took me on a journey of self discovery and taught me beautiful lessons about people and places. It also taught me that love is the most important thing that sets things right. And in any situation, shut the outer noise and listen to your conscience and always chose to do the right thing. One of the intriguing incidents that touched me was when I was at Aston Hall gardens in Birmingham, I was approached by two young ladies who talked to me about the importance of spreading peace. They were just passing by. Sometimes you are touched by people and situations in your life in ways that alter your perspective for the better and it's all for a  purpose.  

Feels good to blog again....

Sending you much positivity,

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