Tuesday, 11 September 2012


"When you say what you want, you live a happier and more authentic life. The three keys to being more Assertive are knowing what you want, believing you have a right to it and finding the courage to express it."  - Caroline Adams Miller, author of "Creating Your Best Life."

Some people can be aggressive while they think they are being assertive. Aggressive people can be insensitive , mean and disrespectful  to the point of being nasty, while they try to express themselves. This can really hurt people, put them off and even cause irreparable damage. Aggressive people can sound  angry, pushy and sometimes even scary.

Assertiveness is about respecting youself and what you want, having a voice and not being afraid to give your opinion, views, thoughts or even decisions; but how you express it is important. Assertiveness is about communicating your feelings and choices to the other person in healthy and respectful manner without violating their rights in any way. Be polite, and clear in what you express. Don't express in an insulting, berating, arrogant or belittling or threatening manner. Never resort to yelling at the other person when you want to make your point. Assertiveness also involves ability to negotiate or reach a compromise. Being assertive will bring quality into your relationship with others and make you a more confident person.

No one can read our mind, though non-verbal signs and body language can tell certain things, but not everything. It's important to let others know what we want.

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