Friday, 21 September 2012


I have a Shambala macrame bracelet that I really like very much. Shambala bracelets are also called bala bracelets. 'Bala' means strength. The term Shambala is a spiritual myth - a mythical kingdom in Buddhist tradition. It's a place of peace, tranquility and happiness.  Cyrstal shambala or bala bracelet with crystals and howlite gemstone is believed to bring luck and known to have spiritual and healing benefits. However, mine is not a crystal or howlite. I am still on the look out for one that has both. Mostly what I have seen around are the replicas or artifical ones. If you plan on buying a shambala bracelet, do make sure they are made with real crystals and howlite gemstones. There are also a variety of combinations of crystals with other gemstones (turquoise, agate, amythest, adventurine, onyx, jade - the combinations are plenty, which look quite colorful and interesting; those stones would also have their own healing and spiritual properties as well).

Howlite gemstone is an inexpensive gemstone compared to others, and when worn, it's known for encouraging self-awareness, creativity and improving emotional attitudes and cultivating tact. It enhances character building, helps in diffusing anger, critical mind, resentfulness, and selfishness. It induces a sense of calm and also enables one to communicate effectively.  It combats negative behavior.

Crystals are part of earth and nature. They contain quartz and silica, which are also a major component of the human body. Crystals supposedly emits a vibrational frequency that matches the electromagnetic field of both the earth and humans. Quartz crystal is known as power stone that channels universal energy. Crystals are known to enhance thoughts, as thoughts are a form of energy. It promotes healing, meditation, and manifestation. Crystals clear negative energy, harmonizing and balancing oneself and one's environment. It is powerfully protective, enhances spiritual growth  and wisdom. It clarifies thought processing and emotions and  increases concentration, inspiration and creativity.

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