Saturday, 16 February 2013


Yesterday, we went for the Hala February Carnival around 2.30pm. There were stages set up in a length covering 100 meters. Around 3 pm onwards, there were stage programs being shown - musicals, clown show, magic show, acrobatics and children's songs and dances. There were traditional cultural shows as well. Hala February had an interactive session with the public and they were giving away lots of prizes. The whole of Salem Mubarak Street from a bit beyond Sultan Center right up to Zahra Complex was were the festivities were taking place. There was a huge crowd that came to celebrate the occasion. 

Lots of people, especially children, were dressed up in national flag costumes and head gears that was quite a visual treat. There were stalls selling jewellery and gifts. I liked the embassy stalls of different countries selling clothes, artifacts and souvenirs. Lots of restaurants had their individual stalls. We had chicken shawarma from Kurdos stall. We tried the chicken and meat kebab at the Malaysian food stall (it was more sweet than spicy). We walked around and had a pleasant time. The magic show, clown show and acrobatics were quite entertaining. Plenty of Cartoon characters were walking around interacting with children.


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