Friday, 1 March 2013


Some of the mindless behavior I noticed while we went to see the  Lights and decorations in Ahmadi  during the National Day Celebrations, was 

* People picnicking in the evening and leaving the trash and left over food in the grass despite  so many trash bins installed for public convenience.

* Children were pulling at the mushroom and flower structures covered with lights. The parents could have stopped them. Not only the structure and lighting could be spoiled by mishandling, it's not safe for children to be playing with electrical wires and light bulbs. Many of the children were seen walking over a broad carpet of tiny blue lights spread on the ground. Their legs, feet and footwear were getting entangled in them  and they had to struggle a bit to come out, while the parents just stood there watching. Those lights are not meant to be walked all over. It's was just a part of the lights decoration which we supposed to stand back and enjoy. 

* In many areas, as a part of the Ahmadi landscape, there are colorful and pretty flowers growing at ground level which children and people were trampling upon. It was evening, and well, it wasn't all that dark either. If one were to look, the flowers, stems and leaves are visible.

Trash thrown mindlessly in the grass with left over food

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