Sunday, 31 March 2013


There are two kind of problems, one where the solution lies in our hands, it's something we can solve and we know that for sure as there is a concrete possible solution to the problem. Another problem is where the solution is not in our hands and we don't know literally what to do and what's going to happen. In this situation, although we do whatever we need to in order to attain what we  desire or to remain on familiar grounds, sometimes, all actions seem to be futile.  Everyone of us have been at some point in our lives affected adversely by the second kind of problem, where were are consumed by worry, fear and no idea as to what would happen. It's important how you choose to respond as negative, fearful and stressful mindset can only make you sick with worry and rob you off your peace. 

I was reading an article that came in my mail where the writer quoted Oprah Winfrey. And I thought, how beautiful this inspiring quote is. In May 2011, Oprah Winfrey gave a beautiful speech during her farewell on Oprah Winfrey Show finale. "I've never been alone and you haven't either," she said. "And I know that presence, that flow, some people call it grace,  is working in my life at every single turn and yours, too, if you let it in."

I realized, in our daily life we are constantly making choices, decisions and acting upon them. We are building our future. There are times when circumstances, situations and events occur without our knowledge, prior intimation, without our prompting, which some believe is attributed to the outcome of the past karmic seeds we sowed. Sometimes it is even a part of our destiny where one phase of our life ends to birth another phase. It like a huge wave that is transporting us to another realm against our will, against our comprehension. It is natural for us to be in our comfort zone and any turbulence or change is viewed upon with apprehension and fear.  Changes in life means we are forced to let go our tendency to hold on to what's familiar, what we are used to, the comfort, the safety, the knowing that we are in charge and everything is okay. Change need not be viewed with fear or an omen of failure or that it would lead to permanent loss.  Neither should we subject ourselves to undue stress.

Somethings in life change, they have to... because, it's only natural for one cycle to end to start another. Just as darkness of the night fades followed by the sky filled with light, what seems a journey in perpetual darkness, is actually leading you to light.  A chapter of your life has to end in order to begin a new one, where a greater purpose or plan awaits you. Most of the time our fears are what we impose on ourselves. But during the turbulent, difficult and unfathomable times, remember, the divine grace will lead you to newer pastures, new experiences and it's only a transitory period of uncertainty that you undergo. Travel to your next phase in life with faith and trust that everything will work out, even if it's not what you desired, then something better! The divine grace will work in your favor . 

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