Thursday, 19 September 2013


I took a break from several things - blogging which I love, the outdoors, cultural activities, and walking which I enjoy. The reason is, my health took a roller coaster ride since the past 6 weeks which upset me as I had to go through immense pain of all sorts. Falling sick is horrible. It makes you realize, how important it is to be healthy and disease free! I can't say I am completely well, but working eagerly to get better. Everything I love and enjoy doing took a back seat.

On my way to recovery from a queue of ailments that followed one after the other, I found myself contemplating on what's truly important in life. There are of course a number of important things. My family topped the list no doubt. You know, there is nothing more important than love in your life,  spreading love, positivity and good will and wishing well for others wherever you are and wherever you go. Life taught me not to be judgmental about people, for you have not walked in another person's shoes. You don't know what the other person is going through.  If you can do a little good, make a small difference in a positive way, it's great. While we look for imperfections in others through a magnifying lens, we have faults and imperfections as well, hidden under a mask of denial.  It's important to treat people with respect and kindness, just the way you expect to be treated. There should be no room for anger, aggression, ill intent or grudges because  it really does you no good except hurt others and hurt yourself, increase your stress level and stop you from appreciating life. Negativity is often like a boomerang. What you sent out good or bad comes back to you.  

If you can forgive, you free yourself from the clutches and shackles of negative situations. When you forgive, you are actually  letting go of the that which holds you down from experiencing true emotional freedom. Don't compare yourself with others and fret over what you don't have. Gratitude helps you realize how fortunate you are in numerous ways. Don't worry about the grass on the other side of the fence. Work on your grass, pull out the weeds, nurture it with care and patience, make your grass green and be proud. 

Family, relatives and friends are a blessing which money can't buy. Give them your love, time and attention. Often we take people for granted. Let it not be too late to realize the value of people who care, whom you can count on. 

I look forward to blogging again.  The weather is getting better and lot of beautiful things to look forward to, including a vacation in October. 

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