Sunday, 1 December 2013


Last Saturday, we did something we've always wanted to do - a visit to Kabd to see camel farms and the Camel Race Club. Inspired by many write ups by people who have visited these places, and the weather being so pleasant, this was something I was so happy doing.  Now enroute to the camel race club, we came across a place where there are animal rides. There are donkeys, horses, camels. There are buggy rides as well. It's a nice place to take your children. They are sure to have a good time. My husband chose to go on a camel ride. We then drove to the camel race club. Since we reached a bit late, we missed the races which are held at 2.3O pm every Saturday. Anyways, we got to see plenty of camels and passed by a camel farm as well. 

Viewing place opposite the track to watch camel race. Its well designed and arranged for comfortable viewing

Camel race club, Kabd

Close to sunset

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