Thursday, 5 December 2013


One of my favorite places to visit is Souq Sharq. On Tuesday, we went there for a different reason. My husband and I were visiting different areas of Kuwait every week to capture the sunset. Each location offers a different view and not to mention, each sunset is different depending on the sky and the weather that day. We had a quick lunch when my husband returned home. We just had enough time to drive up to Souk Sharq, park our car and rush towards the driveway where you can see the boat harbor between the Gulf Road and Sharq Mall. While my husband took his photos using his Nikon D 8OO, I took mine with my precious point and shoot Nikon, which is easy to carry and all I need to do is rely on my perspective and just shoot using the auto mode. I stick to the easy way. My photos are not perfect as the outcome of having taken with a professional camera. I love photography. Whatever I take, is straight from the heart. I was able to get some good sunset photos. We waited for the blue hour, which is the hour after the sun has set, there is still light in the sky and if you are lucky you can see beautiful red, pink, purple hues in the sky and capture some more photos. 

Anyways here are some photos I took. 

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