Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Considering the slow moving traffic, we didn't want to drive too far and get stuck in traffic. We parked close to Salem Mubarak Street near Marina Mall and walked up to the Marina beach near Marina Crescent, yesterday. The gulf road was crowded with cars decorated with flags, children were spread across on the road sides and pavements ready with their water guns of all sizes spraying water on the cars passing by. Young people and children inside the cars would open their windows and reciprocate in kind, or get out of the car and chase them with their water guns. It was quite a sight, fun to watch, children and young men and women in national flag attire, interesting head gears,  and masks armed with water guns. Vendors made their business on road sides, selling water guns for those who didn't have any or wanted to buy more! Across the grassy areas of the Marina beach from Marina Crescent and Hard Rock cafe, lots of people were on picnics, fully equipped with chairs and tables, mats,  having lunch, snacks and tea, while the children were busy skating, cycling, roller blading, running around with their water guns. I saw some of the small kids spray water on the stray cats that tread on the rocks of Marina beach. 

There was an air show, without any aerobatics or colored smoke. It was more of an air parade. I think the airshow was by the Kuwait Airforce along with Turkish Airforce. There were jets and helicopters flying across the Marina beach and  Marina Crescent intermittently. The sky was dull and dreary, and the fighter jets flew so fast that it was difficult for me to get any good photos.  It wasn't as spectacular as the RAF show. I was expecting the Fursan Al Emarat aerobatic team from UAE to perform, like they did last year on Liberation Day near Marina Crescent. That was really nice.

Anyways, now for some photos I took of National Day celebration and fun time at Gulf Road and Marina beach yesterday. Similar celebrations would continue throughout today being Liberation Day. 


Anonymous said...

Very informative. Enjoyed the article and photographs.

KUWEIGHT64 said...

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed!