Tuesday, 25 February 2014


December and February are my favorite months. Let's talk about February. It's a beautiful month of festivities, beginning with the month long Hala February festival culminating in the with the celebration of Kuwait National day on 25 February and Liberation day on 26 February. Of course, the celebratory mood will continue through the weekend this time, up to Saturday 1st March.  There was so much happening this month, the entire city and most of the governorates are decorated with spectacular colored lights. So many events, programs, art exhibitions were held, some of which were car, bike and yacht shows, Hala carnival, Hala Febrayer shows at Green Island,  Hand crafts heritage show in Bayt Lothan,  Liberation village at American University of Kuwait, exhibitions at Bayt Sadu, beautiful events by DAI at Maidan Cultural Centre and Amricani Cultural Centre, the Mubarakiya festival, the amazing lights in Ahmadi, annual Proud to be Kuwaiti - P2BK exhibition, the opening of the world's biggest sand sculpture park, Remal Village was quite an attraction. Besides that, all the important malls in Kuwait hold their own unique celebrations in February. 

Every year in February,  I end up taking numerous photos. I wish I could share every photo that I took or interesting moments I have captured. Unfortunately, I can't do that because there are loads of them. So, I have decided to share some photos as a recap of Hala February and they represent :

* children, the future of Kuwait
* the old traditions, heritage and culture
* few landmarks depicting the oil rich land of continued progress and achievements
* national celebration
* skyscape

I didn't have time to sort them in order. I hope you enjoy!

Beautiful model of dates, kettle and gahwa cups with lights, Ahmadi

Tent and lights, Ahmadi

Kuwait Oil Tanker's company

model of an old Kuwaiti bedroom  and furniture, early 1930's or 40's

entertainment in the past

Hamra tower 

Falcon, national bird

World's biggest sand sculpture park - Remal Village

Model of old wooden door

Minaret and moonrise

Ahli Bank of Kuwait 1st left, liberation tower right most

Sunset at Mubarakiya market, one of the oldest markets of Kuwait city

Making, serving and consuming tea is a delight in Kuwait.  Souk district, Grand Avenues

Prestige, Grand Avenues

Shuwaikh bay

Doha west water distillation station and power generation seen from far

Seif Palace

Sharq Mall

Boat harbor and skyline, Sharq Mall

An old abandoned boat in Doha beach, Kuwait

Arabian Horse Festival, Hunting & Equestrian Club

Grand Avenues Mall

Banking complex, Liberation tower and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Model of the Kuwaiti dhow boat

Amricani Cultural Centre: This was the American Mission hospital, the first hospital built in Kuwait in 1913, 

Model of old Kuwait life

Fatimah Al Zahra mosque in that resembles the Taj Mahal of India


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