Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Another late post! Mr. Greek restaurant a Canadian franchise restaurant opened in Marina Mall food court on Wednesday 15 January.  We decided to go and watch the Greek dance they were planning to hold as a part of the opening and check out the restaurant. 

We reached there at 7pm and there was nothing happening in the atrium dome. So we went upstairs to the food court and there were lots of people around the restaurant. We were told, the dance would start in 5 minutes. No sooner did they say that, the dancers in Greek outfits gathered at the atrium dome area and danced to beautiful Greek music. We took the escalator, went down to watch the dance at close quarters. The music was so lively and captivating, it was no surprise when several young people from the crowd joined the dance. That looked like fun. Then the dancers went up and performed again in the midst of a crowded audience. This was followed by another dance. I don't know what it's called. You can see it in the photos I've put up. 

Couple of games were held for the public and prizes given away, followed by food sampling. Greek food is really nice. They have an interesting menu with lots of Greek food to choose from. Once their musical and dance event came to and end, people started to order from their menu. Have any of you been to the Mr. Greek restaurant yet?

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