Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I love flowers and it was a beautiful zen experience at the Argana flower bazaar last Saturday. Argana flower bazaar was held near Movenpick, at the restaurant strip near Rimal Hotel and Resort in Bida on 15 March. Beautiful flowers adorned every table that was there. The funny part is it was very cloudy and the skies were so grey. My husband told me, looks like it's going to rain. Anyways, I didn't want to miss the Argana flower bazaar, so, off we went. We parked close to Rimal hotel and walked up to the the bazaar. Otherwise, there's no way one would get parking in that restaurant strip. 

We started looking around, and within five minutes, it started to drizzle and rain, but not heavily, thankfully! My husband rushed to the car, because he had his professional Nikon camera and under no circumstances should it get wet in the rain. Sadly he missed all the possible beautiful shots he could have taken. I had my point and shoot that I carry religiously everywhere I go. I told him give me ten minutes, and I'll come to the car. It was drizzling, it was so windy all of a sudden. I knew one thing. I wanted to see all those beautiful wonderful looking flowers that were so intricately arranged. It was sad to see the vases and flower falling off the table and even the ones placed on the floor because of the sudden strong winds. The vendors started to keep some of the flowers away. I managed to look at most of the tables and take some photos. When I saw more and more water falling on my lens, I had to keeping wiping it to take some photos before I rushed to join my husband waiting for me in the car.  It wasn't just me that was looking at the flowers in the rain, several visitors got caught in the rain too and they didn't show any signs of leaving just because of the rain. 

And then, we headed to do some shopping at the new Lulu that opened in Dajeej.  While returning, the skies cleared, the sun was out, that really surprised me. Imagine it rained exactly at the time we happened to be at the flower bazaar, though I did enjoy getting caught in the rain since wasn't heavy. The only thing was I wished the weather would have permitted us to spend as much time as we would have wanted at the flower bazaar. I wish the Argana Hotels & Resorts would hold another flower show and I could leisurely enjoy the flowers and even buy some flowers I liked. Luckily my little point and shoot Nikon camera is still working.!

Here are some photos I took.

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