Saturday, 22 March 2014


The International Show Jumping championship 2014 was held at the Kuwait Riding Center from 20 March to 22 March. We visited the event on Friday afternoon. There were so many international participants and amazing horses. We stayed for over an hour watching the show jumping. Before that, we walked by the stables where some of the horses popped their heads out. I was a bit skeptical of touching them. My husband being an animal lover could not stop patting a few of those horses. It was obvious the horses were enjoying the attention they got. 

I passed by the warm up arena, where the participating horses and their riders were practising intently before their turn in the competition. I wondered if the horses wouldn't be tired by carrying the weight of the rider and all that practising doing the same thing over and over again, just before their turn to compete. But then again they say, practise makes perfect. I suppose a rider would know his horse well enough; whether his horse is cool while performing in the actual competition or if his horse tends to get a bit nervous while show jumping in the stadium. And the horse's practise and training time would revolve based on it's psyche. Glad we went for the event, it was beautiful to watch all those amazing horses perform. 

The Kuwait Riding Center offers riding lessons. If you or your children are interested to learn horse riding, you could contact them. 

Some photos I took at the International Show Jumping event yesterday.

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