Sunday, 23 March 2014


There was a delay putting up this post. I should have posted two weeks ago! 

Balloony Land at Tilal Complex had organized a family art festival called 'Unique' on Saturday 8 March at the Tilal Mall parking area. Luckily we got parking right beside Lilly Center and we walked across to Tilal Complex, which was just across from Lilly Center. 

As we walked into Tilal Complex parking area, two beautiful ladies in outfits made of balloons were posing for photographs with visitors. Loved their balloon outfits.  Lots of companies, around 50 exhibitors had displayed their services and products. There were food stalls as well. As I passed by the tea stall, the aroma of 'karak' chai or strong tea with milk, boiling with cardamoms in it was amazing. We were too full from our lunch we had just had at Upper Crust Pizzeria at Mommy's market in Lilly Center, or else, I would have ordered for some karak chai. As we browsed through different tables, Gagnam style music comes on and the ladies in balloon outfit start dancing to the music. There were a few interesting balloon sculptures that adorned the exhibition venue. We saw children engrossed in art work, including painting on umbrellas.

Some photos from the event.

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