Monday, 24 March 2014


On Saturday evening we passed by Marina Crescent and I walked towards what I thought was the Red Bull Formula One Racing Car and yes of course it was, while my husband waited for me near the fountain. Then I remembered, as a part of the Infiniti Red Bull Formula one showrun event, the racing car was to be displayed at several locations before the actual event, so here it was at Marina Crescent. It's the first time, I saw a Formula one car in such close quarters. In my mind, the formula one car was always bigger in size and to see how very low in height and sleek it really is, wow, that was nice. These cars are not designed for regular driving. They are built purely for speed and racing. How do those race drivers fit in the cockpit comfortably and race in high speeds? I told my husband, that was the Red Bull Formula One Racing car, in case he didn't notice and he smiled and went, 'I know'. He always finds it amusing how I find excitement in the littlest to the biggest things. 

On a serious and more interesting note, Infiniti Red Bull Formula 1 show run will be done by Spanish junior driver Carlos Sainz near the Kuwait Towers on Friday 28 March at 2pm. Sainz will perform a full repertoire of donuts, burnouts and speed stretches on an 800-meter long urban track stretching from Bneid El Gar signal light to the Kuwait Towers for the public. The Red Bull Formula one car which accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.4 seconds will reach speeds of 250km/h and above. Chris Pfeiffer, a four-time World Stunt Riding Champion and one of the best stunt riders in the world will entertain the spectators with his tricks.

Now this is a first time affair in Kuwait and there is much hype and we do look forward to being there to watch the show run. How about you? Bring your family, your children and enjoy the showrun. 

This event is sponsored by Infiniti, Pirelli and is held with the cooperation of KMRC.

Here are two photos I took of the Infiniti Red bull Formula one car at Marina Crescent followed by the flyer announcing the showrun and the map of the stretch where the show will be performed.

Infiniti Red Bull Formula one showrun: Friday 28 March 2014
Location : Stretch between Bneid Al Gar traffic signal and Kuwait Towers
Time : 2 pm to 5 pm


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