Friday, 28 March 2014


Carlos Sainz Jr.
Finally we got to see the much publicized and awaited Formula One show run today. We reached around 1.45 pm and  stood about 200 metres away from Kuwait Towers. The area designated for the show run was from the Bneid Al Gar traffic signals to a little beyond the Kuwait Towers covering 800 metre urban track

It was a very clear but hot day and the sun was shining strong. If it weren't for the light pleasant winds, it would have been difficult to stand for long in the sun. A huge crowd had turned up for the event. Around 2.15 pm, after drifting stunts by Nissan 300 Z, the Infiniti Red Bull Formula One car driven by Carlos Sainz Jr. zoomed by a few times with some light stunts, that really got the crowd excited. This was followed by motorbike stunts by Chris Pfeiffer, a four time world stunt riding champion. There was a classic car parade and speeding pro karts. After which, we got to see the Formula One car being driven again few more times, followed by motorcycle stunts again. By then it was 4 pm and we decided to leave. The show run was up till 5 pm.  It was a nice experience to see the Formula one car in action at very close quarters. And it was the first time in Kuwait that a Formula One show run event was conducted. 

The event was sponsored by Infiniti, Renault, Pirelli, Babtain Group, Sirbb Track, Rauch, Al Anba and Kuwait Times.

Here are some photos I took at the event. 

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