Saturday, 8 March 2014


This year's theme for International Women's Day is "Equality for Women is Progress for All"

I have important roles and duties to fulfill each day like so many other women. They are challenging with so much responsibility, yet my greatest joys of  life and the greatest lessons learnt and wisdom gained were from my every day experiences of  my life being a woman, daughter, wife, a mother, and friend. On this day, I can only express how  proud I am for being a woman and grateful for my family and friends. 

Its so important to teach our sons to respect girls and woman in our families, at school, college, work and in our society. Its vital we tell our daughters, that they should be proud of being a girl, or a woman. They have to be bold and strong, yet kind, respectful and productive and not think of themselves any less because of their gender. Women are the embodiment of love, strength, kindness and compassion. They are nurturers and providers. The greatest thing men can do is treat women with respect, not to be intimidated by them, love your mother, your wife, sisters, daughters and sons and be a pillar of support for them. Husbands should consider their wives as equal partners,  greatest friend and ally and work together with her as a team in life's journey, and not to see her as an opponent or control or subdue her. 

I personally feel advertisements on televisions or media should not portray women as sex objects and symbols which really gives a negative and demeaning portrayal of a woman. There is such horrific things happening to girls and women all over the world. The unimaginable ways women are violated and exploited we hear on T.V, or read about in the papers is inhumane. Sometimes you wonder, how can humans be so cruel to fellow humans. Why are women being subjected to such atrocities. There are so many organizations fighting for women's rights and women's safety, that really needs to be heard and stricter laws to be enforced to protect girls and women. 

I would urge women to be sensitive and help and support fellow women in whatever way they can. Through a  kind word, a listening ear, a thoughtful action. Some sort of help goes a long way in making a huge difference and blessing in someone's life. 

Happy Women's Day!

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